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Cool Birthday Gifts For Teens

Cool Birthday Gifts for Teens

Our gifts for teens have a personal touch that these young adults will love – it shows that the gift-giver put thought and time into the present. See all our cool birthday gifts for teens, including our custom jewelry, bedroom and dorm decor, and sports-themed gifts, to find just the right one.

1. 6 Handmade Birthday Cupcake Brownie Pops

6 Handmade Birthday Cupcake Brownie Pops
It will be the happiest of birthdays when these fudgy chocolate brownie pops are served as the chosen dessert. Decorated like mini-chocolate cupcakes, we topped them off with white frosting and sprinkles. And to add to the birthday fun, we completed this look with paper liners and candles for the birthday honoree to blow out.

Love Letters
2. Love Letters

Send them a love letter that blooms for weeks! We’ve paired our long-lasting azalea plant with our custom-designed, keepsake mailbox container. Our red painted wooden mailbox comes complete with a working flag and mail flap door and is adorned with lovebirds and hearts. Mailbox measures approximately 6.5″ high and 5″ wide; with plant, gift stands 10-11″ tall. Care instructions are provided.

All About Her Mug
3.All About Her Mug

Now everyone in the break room will know which mug belongs to her! Colorful, playful type helps sweeten her coffee and brighten her day.

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