13 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Treat Yourself


On Valentine ‘s Day coming, do you have a gift for your lover? If you are still in the state, then this article will give you a pleasant surprise.

Succulent Garden


Who needs a plant companion, succulent plant, it is very easy to take care of, and may even have a longer life than your last relationship. Each box has three succulent plants. Plants or let them in the original they can show and enjoy.

Tea for One Set


Whether you wake up to Earl Grey or wind down with chamomile, this trusty teapot made for one ensures not a drop is wasted. Embossed lettering on the side, which reads “You’re My Cup of Tea,” means you won’t have to look far for a confidence boost.

Facial Mist


Nourishing ingredients, like witch hazel, give skin a much-needed dose of antioxidants that help stimulate collagen growth, while the calming effects of rose and aloe soothes unwanted redness. As an added bonus, the sweet floral smell is so nice, you’ll forget you’re in your living room and not at a spa.

Cuff Bracelet


Should you ever forget how magical you are, this delicate everyday cuff serves as a subtle reminder. Other fun phrases like “Dance Like One’s Watching” and “Run Away to the Sea” are also available.

Drop Earrings


Buy yourself flowers—flowers that’ll last forever. Baby pink, tortoise shell, and gold will make these earrings a staple for your upcoming springtime wardrobe.

Andy Warhol Coloring Book


Make your own interpretations of Andy Warhol’s pop art masterpieces. The edges are perforated, so you can easily tear out (and even frame) creations that might just rival the Warhol originals.

Space Bath Bombs


Need to really zone out? Treat yourself to a bath that’s out of this world with bath bombs inspired by the solar system. The set includes all eight planets (sorry Pluto!) and the sun. Each handmade bath bomb has its own natural scent, from a soothing lavender to an invigorating blend of Moroccan spices.

Gilmore Girls Pencil Set


Convinced you’re an honorary resident of Stars Hollow? Consider this cheeky pencil set already sold. This box includes nine pencils imprinted with quotes from your favorite Gilmore Girls episodes. Keep at least one in your purse at all times—in omnia paratus!

Scented Candle


Tide yourself over until the sweet scent of springtime comes wafting through your windows with a candle that smells like ripened melon and budding roses. With a burn time of 30 hours and a container that looks more like an art piece (reuse the vessel once the wax has depleted!), this candle is well worth the price.

Wine Preserver


If you intend to spend February 14 curled up with a rom-com and a glass of wine (no judgments here!), treat yourself to a gadget that’ll keep the rest of the bottle fresh. This glass decanter features a special seal that keeps out oxygen, so wine stays ripe for drinking up to one week after opening.

Rose Pin


An excellent accessory for Valentine’s Day and beyond, this pretty pin serves as a small reminder that you’re worth 100 roses and then some. Added plus? This stem lasts a really long time.

Assortment of Teas


Give yourself the gift of delicious high-end teas meant to boost general wellness. Relax with a blend of verbena, liquorice, and mint; re-engergize with a mixture of spices, guarana, and liquorice; or cleanse with a vibrant combination of green tea, mate, and grapefruit.

Sheet Masks


Nothing says “treat yourself” quite like a sheet mask. This quick and cheap way to relaxation requires little effort and can be done while binging your favorite Netflix show. Pomegranate extract, which provides hydration and promotes elasticity, is perfect for thirsty winter skin.