15 DIY Gifts for Your Best Friend

Special Diy gift to your best friend

Best friends are soul mates. Do you want to send a special Diy gift to your best friend. They are there for you when you laugh, cry, and want to know if your outfit looks stupid. It’s always nice to be told that you’re appreciated. You know how much you love that feeling, so why not make sure that your friends know they’re appreciated?

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday or just a random day of the week, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The best part is that you can whip them up in a flash, With a simple and no money or time to express your love for him!

A birthday card with your photo

1.Instagram Cards

Print a photo of you two together to play, and use it as a birthday card

A DIY gift can decorate her room

2. Yarn Pom Pom Letters

Everyone likes to decorate my room, you can use some strange words to spell your name with him as a gift to her.

3. Printed Candles


A DIY gift can prin quote or celeb

Print your best friend’s favorite inspirational quote or celeb on a candle that she can burn, baby, burn! You can really put anything you want on these adorable candles.

4. Watercolor Cards


A DIY gift with colorful life

Making these cards will take you back to your kindergarten days! Use white crayon and then water color over it to reveal your ~*hidden*~ message.

5. Photo Star


A DIY gift can light up her life

Create a star lantern out of photos of you and your bestie—it’s sure to light up her life!

6. Keyboard Art


A creative and the lovely DIY gift

you can use a Old keyboard that need not to separate it and then combined with you and his name pinyin, which is a very creative and the lovely gift.

7. Instagram Calendar

A DIY gift with encouragement and love

Use a photo of you and your BFF for each month and pencil in girls nights, your friendaversary and other important dates. Feel free to also write messages of encouragement and love throughout.

8. Balloon Room


A DIY gift wiht surprise

Each of these balloons is attached to a photo. Just write a memory or affirmation on the back of the photos and surprise your bestie.

9. Comfy Pillow


A DIY gift with warm

Make sure your best friend always has a snuggly place to lay her head with this Doris Day-inspired pillow.

10. Goodie Jar


A DIY gift with sweet

You can use this goodie jar to “teal” your bestie any message that your heart desires—be it “Thanks,” “I love you” or even “Congrats!”

11. Bestie Scrapbook


A DIY gift can preserve fun photos and memories

Head to your local craft store to pick up some materials, and spend an afternoon making a gift that will probably make your bestie cry. A scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve fun photos and memories.

12. The Happy Jar


A DIY gift can make your friend happy

Fill out little notes full of loving affirmations, funny drawings or inside jokes—anything that would make your friend happy!

13. “52 Things I Love About You” Cards

A DIY gift cards with 52 Things I Love About You

We love this card deck! You could also do “52 Times You Made Me Laugh”or “52 Inside Jokes.”

14. Photo Collage Letter


A DIY gift can write a loving letter

Modge podge some photos onto a wooden letter—the first letter of your friend’s name—and write a loving letter to her on the back.

15. Bestie Bucket List  


A DIY gift with a wish listMake a wish list as a witness your anything of what happened during the university.

How will you show your gratitude?