8 Cocktails Guaranteed to Delight a Crowd On New Year’s Eve


You are the master, not the bartender. But the best way to ensure that you are not trapped in a mixed drink all night is to plan ahead. This is why we have designed a very large roster of festive cocktails-ranging from refreshing minty Moscow mules to cold spirits Slush-designed fuel your festive carnival without cocktail modulator, bar spoon, or stir bar.

Extra-Large Rosé Sbagliato


The “Sbagliato” cocktail, whose name means “messed up” in Italian, was supposedly invented when a distracted bartender accidentally added bubbly to a Negroni in place of the usual gin. The drink might have been a mistake, but it’s one we’re all too happy to make—over and over again.

Sazerac Pitchers


The Sazerac, the official tipple of New Orleans, is a historic rye and absinthe-kissed cocktail usually made in single servings. But happily for hosts, it scales up beautifully, too. Serve this potent version at your next bash and let le bon temps roule.

Hard Cider Slush


Part slushie, part serious cocktail, this cider- and bourbon-spiked treat is guaranteed to get even the most self-serious “grown-ups” grinning. Prep the shaved ice the night before and when it comes to party time, all you’ll have to do is scoop and pour.



This unconventional Basque country riff on sangria combines dry red wine with cola and a bright shot of fresh lemon juice. Just the right mix of sweet and tart, it makes a surprising (and surprisingly sophisticated) addition to any holiday bar—especially when dressed up with a ruby red maraschino cherry ice ring.

Sidecar Punch


This big batch version of a Prohbition-era classic goes down easy—but be warned: behind that citrus and cognac smoothness, it packs a serious punch. Rimming the serving glasses with sugar takes a few minutes of effort, but adds a wonderful festive edge.

Minty Moscow Mule Punch


While every bit as smooth and refreshing as the classic vodka cocktail that inspired it, this party-sized version of the Moscow Mule adds one upgrade: a subtle, cool, and inviting note of mint. The spicier your ginger beer, the more fire and bite your punch will have—so choose accordingly.

White Negroni Punch


This electric twist on the Negroni swaps a yellow-hued French herbal liqueur, Suze, in place of the traditional, ruby red Campari—but still maintains the cocktail’s signature well-balanced bitterness. If Suze is hard to find in your area, other fortified aperitifs like Cocchi Americano or Lillet Blanc can be used in its place, though with slightly sweeter results.

Beer Punch


Gin, grapefruit and beer may sound like a strange combination, but let them comfort bowl, you will be surprised to find how wonderful they play together. In fact, grapefruit by juicy attention in the play out of hops bitter taste and gin herbs.