8 DIY Christmas Wreaths Prettier for your family


Here are the best Christmas gifts for your family, are you ready? Unique and surprising Christmas wreath would be a good idea for Christmas. Deck your door with beautiful, seasonal décor you can make in just one afternoon.

Berry Wreath

Berry Wreath

Cranberries should not be just a Thanksgiving table. These vibrant red berries are decorated for Christmas, perfect for hues. In this version, man-made berries are attached to a garland formation, so the whole thing will last for years.

Pine Cone Wreath


Secure real pinecones atop a bed of preserved moss for a natural and rustic wreath. Using real pinecones will give your home a welcoming scent of pine—just bake them in the oven before getting to work to ensure they’re free from critters and sap.

Holiday Bow Wreath


So that the bags of colorful bow festival do double duty as Decoration Decoration and Home Decoration this year. Simply follow the colored bow to form the foam rosette and add a shiny ribbon to hang the health.

Marshmallow Wreath


Celebrate a white Christmas no matter where you live, with a sweet holiday wreath made entirely of fluffy white confections that are reminiscent of large snowflakes. Just don’t forget to save a few for a steaming mug of hot chocolate!

Easy Snowman Wreath


It takes a few minutes to create this cold wreath. Because it’s not Christmas-specific, the snowman can stay in your door to the new year. Personal contact, let the children help to create washi tape noses, hats, scarves.

Birch Wreath


Not all wreaths need to be round. This rectangular version, made with birch branches and accented with evergreen and winterberries, adds an unexpected, unique touch to any door (or wall space!). Use fresh greenery to give your whole house a deliciously seasonal scent.

Peppermint Monogram Wreath


Wreaths Buddy Spirits will love this festive red and white creation that is made almost entirely with sweets (mints, and red hot spots). Just a piece of paper paste painted red and then started working on the candy. Put the whole thing with a bright red ribbon.

Pom Pom Wreath

Use oatmeal colored yarn to make nine big, fluffy pom poms. Then attach each one to a wreath form that’s been wrapped in the same color yarn. To save time, you can purchase pre-made pom poms from nearly any craft store.