A Special Day With An Interseting Gift

Looking for a little something to give friends or loved ones this Halloween? Today we’re sharing several interesting gifts to you.

1.Bugs & Kisses–  Sneak some “bugs & kisses” in your man’s lunchbox!  A Special Day With An Interseting Gift

2. Halloween Eye Candy–  Just print out these candy wrappers and attach a little note letting your man know he’s your favorite “eye candy.”

3. I’ve Got My Eyes On You–  Stick some eye gum balls in a jar and add the cute, printable label.

4.I Only Have Eyes For You–  How fun are these monster tags?  Add them to any gift to let him know you “only have eyes” for him.
  A Special Day With An Interseting Gift
5. You are the Pick of the Patch–  Fill a mason jar with a bunch of those cute little mellocreme pumpkins and top it off with a hand-stamped tag.

6.Hey Pumpkin–  Some your pumpkin some love with a basket of home baked pumpkin goodies.

7. I “Fall” For You–  This fall-themed gift basket if the perfect way to show your man that you still “fall” for him.

8.Some Mummy Loves You–  Wrap up a sweet treat to let him know that some “mummy” loves him.

9. Can’t Stop Falling in Love With “Brew”–  Just stick this printable bottle label on your man’s favorite drink.

10. You Put a Spell on Me–  Stick this printable label on any Halloween treat to let him know that he’s “put a spell” on you.
(Resource from:http://www.thedatingdivas.com)