Best Affordable Post Mastectomy Breast Forms for her


The terrible fact is that nearly one in eight women will face the life of invasive breast cancer, and may produce a single or bilateral mastectomy to remove it. Plastic surgery has gone a long way in the past few decades, nearly 40% of women will choose the process. Many do not want to face cost, or long-term rehabilitation, when their bodies are still recovering from the trauma of invasive surgery. Others, especially many older women, do not think that reconstruction is a priority, or unwilling to take additional risks for additional surgery because they have other health problems to consider. When the silicone breast form can be made to improve their self-esteem. The natural weighting of the breast helps to keep their body aligned and reduce the pressure on the back and neck. At the end of the day, even bankruptcy to a large extent make their clothes suitable for normal. This is a great video about postoperative solutions as well as how to undergo a mastectomy.

1. Most Affordable Breast Form: MaxTara Silicone Breast Forms


These high-quality silicone breasts forms are soft and comfortable, which is extremely important post surgery. Designed as a suitable prosthesis for mastectomy patients, these breast forms provide shape and comfort in your pre-surgery clothes and bras. These silicone enhancers move and feel like natural breasts. They are soft to the touch, quickly regain their shape, and will gently bounce when you move. Shaped like a waterdrop, they also protect your tender post operative tissues from getting bumped and injured. They also aid in keeping your body balanced, while keeping your self image strong. These affordable forms work well in a comfy cotton wire-free bra, and also fit beautifully inside your swimsuit. Keep in mind, that these are ordered individually, so if you’re a bilateral mastectomy patient, you’ll need to order two.

2. Ouflow Silicone Breast Forms


These super reasonably priced medical grade silicone breast forms are super soft, and comfortable to wear. They feel natural to the touch and have lifelike color very close to natural skin. They also have movement similar to natural breasts, so they look and feel good under your clothes or in your bra. They are simple to keep clean for daily wear as well. Just wash them in mild soap and gently dry with a towel. Again, these breast forms do not come in a set, and because they are different than a teardrop shaped breast form, be careful ordering as they are left and right breast specific. Outflow also makes highly rated compression sleeves to reduce post surgical swelling.

3. Popular Pick: Envy Body Shop Silicone Breast Form


Natural looking under your clothes and natural feeling to the touch, these medical grade silicone breast forms are a perfect option following a mastectomy. Designed to support the aches and pains of recovery, the L-shaped prosthesis feature an extra long side arm extension. This helps replace volume in areas where tissues may have been lost through more radical cancer surgeries. These forms are left and right breast specific, so be sure to order the ones you need. At these affordable prices, you might consider getting a second set. These breast forms are comfy and lightweight, and look great under your clothes, and according to enthusiastic users, they even look good underneath close fitting tee shirts.

4. Best Swim & Sports Breast Form: Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form


This Amoena transparent silicone breast form is designed specifically for women getting back into water activities and swim therapy. The symmetrical form features raised waves on the front and back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amount of suction. The unique, three dimensional pearl surface on the back increases ventilation and moisture evaporation. A clear silicone back layer hugs the body and is extra gentle on tender scar areas. Amoena is well-known for their high-quality bras, swimwear and breast forms designed specifically for breast cancer patients.

5. Most Comfortable Breast Form: TriNature Asymmetric Softlite Breast Form


These ultra-light silicone breast form gives a safe and natural feel that is very close to the weight and bio-breast touch. These breast forms provide a more natural look and feel due to the gap between Anita Flex® technology. This combination of natural design and extreme comfort means that you will wear well. From the surgery is unevenly organized cleverly concealed, any lack of light volume compensation. These breast forms can be used instead of the left or right breasts, and they are lighter by 35% than many people because of their soft soft silicone. Which makes them a good choice for those who louse edema or tend to economic tide conditions. More than a dozen sizes are available, it should be easy to find your perfect match. Anita also offers a great selection of features and stylish mastectomy after matching bra and underwear.