Best alternative desserts At Christmas this year


Did you start the Christmas kitchen work? Through a bunch of pies and possession of turkey – Now, after the dessert is the dinner? If a plate of Christmas pudding greasy food can stand than your belt, try these sweets christmas desserts.

1. Aldi Specially Selected Croquembouche

Aldi Specially Selected Croquembouche

It really is a Christmas party for the family. Frozen but the puff pastry balls only take about an hour to thaw. Young family members would like to help plains and chocolate ice cream puffs fixed in a cardboard tower on the middle of a jet of caramel sauce. The drizzle consists of warm chocolate sauce, sprinkled with roasted nuts and gloat-laden bags for everyone you have pleated for an amazing deal.


2. Marks and Spencer Chocolate and Passion Fruit Star

Marks and Spencer Chocolate and Passion Fruit Star

When it reaches the dessert, some of the hosts are almost face-down with pudding and tired. So it’s nice to have the logo and sparks keep this gorgeous dessert in the individual pieces when piecing the gold-flecked Christmas star for six or more. Let your guests come to help themselves with each glittering part of the chocolate sponge, smelling nose of passion fruit filled with mud and white chocolate mousse. The combination of acid fruit flavors and chocolate quality elements is a creamy feel.


3. Morrisons The Best Chocolate Christmas Tree

Morrisons The Best Chocolate Christmas Tree

Chocolate crunch, sponge, mousse in both dark and white chocolate and a glorious bauble-decorated glossy top – what a combination. This dessert looks like it has come from a high-end patisserie rather than your local Morrisons and it scored top marks for taste with our appreciative pudding fans who loved how rich and indulgent the mousse was. A cut above the usual chocolate cake, this served eight.


4. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Belgian Chocolate Noel Tiffin Cake

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Belgian Chocolate Noel Tiffin Cake

Spell out your love for Christmas (or Mr Edmonds, if you fancy) with this individual NOEL-shaped tiffin cake packed with fruit and nuts. The set of chunky Belgian chocolate letters come ready to serve on a faux-slate board and could easily serve eight to 10. If you fancy something more creative, use them as a central display on a buffet dessert table.


5. Lidl Lemon and Raspberry Semifreddo

Lidl Lemon and Raspberry Semifreddo

The lightest dessert we tried, this creamy Italian classic is zesty and refreshing. The raspberry and salted pistachio topping complements the lemon flavour of the semifreddo and there’s an added swirl of berry coulis throughout. This will provide four small but flavour-packed portions. Buy two if you like a serious semifreddo blowout.