Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas For Her

What special and unique gift can you pick up on your best friend’s birthday? Are you bored of the same old gift ideas? Here are some new and refreshing gift ideas for your best friend’s birthday.
Birthday Gift Ideas for Men. All these years we have been gifting wallets, shirts, shoes, belts, cell phones, sunglasses, etc. to our male friends. However, on our best friend’s birthday, we would wish to give him something special, something that would genuinely surprise him. Here are some birthday gift ideas for men, which you can give to your best friend on his birthday.
Spy Gadget.If you are bored with the usual gift items like wrist watches, wallets, cell phones, shirts, shoes, etc. and want to get your best friend something unique, you should try gifting spy gadgets. These are super cool spy gadgets that your buddy will surely like. Moreover, your pal will be taken by surprise. Spy Pen Camera Recorder: The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ fits perfectly here. Spy pen camera recorder bears semblance to any ordinary pen. You can place it on your work desk and carry it all around the city, without raising a single eyebrow. This unique pen has an inbuilt camera, which can record hours of video footage with audio depending on the type. All you have to do is press a button and the camera starts recording. There are several online stores which are selling these spy pens, from where you could pick one up. This gadget would cost you somewhere around $60 to $90. The price differs from company to company.
Key Chain Mini Speaker.This key chain mini speaker is a small, cube-shaped speaker, which is attached to a key ring. It can be conveniently carried in the pocket and comes with a headphone jack which can be plugged into an MP3 player, i-pod, cell phone, etc. With this mini speaker you don’t require headphones and it even works for 8 hours straight. The USB adapter provided can be plugged to the PC or USB charging point for charging the mini speaker. These key chain speakers are available at several online stores ranging from around $8 to $15.
Flying Alarm Clocks.Well if your best friend is living alone in his apartment and is late for work everyday due to oversleeping, then this flying alarm clock is the perfect gift. This is no ordinary alarm clock, instead this one has a propeller, which takes off when the alarm goes on. The propeller launches into the air and flies across the room with a shrieking alarm sound going on. To stop the siren, your friend will have to catch the propeller and replace it onto the alarm clock base. Imagine who would be still sleepy after accomplishing this feat. These alarm clocks are priced at around $25.
LED Cap Light.If your friend is a person who frequently goes for camps and treks, you could gift him the LED Cap Light. It is a lightweight cap, fitted with 5 ultra bright LEDs which provide hands-free light. Lithium batteries are provided with a cap and run for up to 48 hours at a stretch. These caps are available for $10 a piece.
Money Tester Pens.These pens help detect counterfeit bills. We come across scores of bills a day and little do we realize that we have encountered a fake bill, until we fall into a mess. It is better to be safe than sorry. When you mark a bill with money tester pen, if the mark turns yellow then the bill is genuine. However, if it turns brown or black, then it is counterfeit. If your friend owns a store then this gift is ideal. These pens are not expensive and are available at $5 each.

 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas
Shower Radio.Shower radios are radios which can be placed on the bathroom wall so that you can enjoy music while bathing. The clock on the radio intimates you of the time. These shower radios are water-resistant and are priced at around $50. This is a good gift, as your friend can catch up on the morning news while having his shower.

 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas
Birthday Gift Ideas for Women.Women never grow tired of jewelry and cosmetics, however, if you are looking for something different to gift your best friend on her birthday, then here are some gift ideas.
Invisible Ink Pen.Does your best friend note down her personal thoughts and secrets in a diary? Is she always worried about someone reading her innermost feelings? Is she fed up of those lock and key diaries? Then, invisible ink pen is the best gift for her. Invisible ink pen allows you to write your thoughts and makes sure they are seen by your eyes only. Invisible ink pen comes with an Ultra-violet torch, whose light when shone upon the page, the writing will be revealed. So for any other person, the book is an empty ordinary book, except for your friend whose secrets are stored in it. These pens are available at online stores for $4 to $8.

Gift Baskets.Gifting utility items is not a bad idea, since they will be definitely used by your friend. If you do not want to spend your money on fancy stuff and want to gift simple, yet useful gifts, then you could adopt the gift basket idea. Buy a medium-sized basket and fill it on the basis of a particular theme. For example, chocolate theme, cosmetics theme, jewelry theme, wine theme, crockery theme, etc. If you have chosen the chocolate theme, fill the basket with chocolate bars, candies, chocolate cakes, cookies and all sorts of other chocolate food products. Same is applied to the other themes. The basket can be wrapped in an elaborate and flashy manner. This way, you can present the usual gift items in an interesting manner.

Lipstick Pepper Sprays. If your best friend stays alone or travels alone during odd hours, then lipstick spray is an appropriate gift for her, by which she can defend herself against thieves and scoundrels. Lipstick pepper sprays look like ordinary lipsticks from the outside and can be easily carried in the handbag. In case your friend finds herself in a dangerous situation, she can remove the lid of the lipstick and spray the pepper onto the scoundrel’s face. The pepper sprays up to a distance of 6 feet and is available at $12 to $20 each. This is a slightly unusual gift, but what’s better than ensuring that your friend is prepared to defend herself in dangerous circumstances.
Bonsai Gifts.If your best friend likes plants, then you could gift her a Bonsai. There are myriads of Bonsai varieties from which you could choose. Depending on which kind of plants your friend likes, you could make your choice. If she is fond of flowers, then Gardenia Bonsai and Azalea Bonsai, available at $50 onwards are two excellent options. Another great Bonsai for the house or workplace is the Baby Jade Bonsai tree, which is available at $50. If your friend already has Bonsais, then you could buy her Bonsai tools and accessories.
Wireless Key finder.Working women have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. After completing all their chores, when they finally manage to get ready for work, they find their car keys missing. Why don’t you gift your friend a wireless key finder which would help her get to the workplace on time. She will thank you for it. Wireless key finder is a device consisting of a transmitter with a color coder. By pressing the color code, the key with the same color code will start beeping. The key finder can trace keys up to 60 feet. This device also ranges from $50 onwards. Some finders are not just limited to keys, but have the facility to locate other important daily use items as well.

 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas