Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women …

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women

1. Handmade Jewelry

I love getting one of a kind pieces for gifts. It really tells the person you’re buying them for that they’re special and unique! And it’s not hard to find a good deal on handmade jewelry. It is made up of silver chain turquoise beads and vintage glass beads and has a gorgeous turquoise “chunk” as a pendant..A fun piece for anyone I would think!

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women

2. Bottle of Wine
Who doesn’t love a bottle of nice wine? And it doesn’t usually cost you an arm and a leg. A small tip: Get to know the owner of your local wine shop really well. Not only will he be more than willing to give suggestions, but you may end up bagging a deal or two. If you are completely lost, consult the 5 Best Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers! For now, here’s a personal favorite!

3. Books
I read all the time, so I love getting a book as a gift! Plus, books are great because you can get a current bestselling paperback for under $20. Of course, make sure the book is your friend’s favorite. Secondly, make an effort to find out what kind of books she enjoys and choose one that fits.

4. Homemade Baked Goodies
Another gift if you love to bake is this one, which is inexpensive and guarantees a smile out of whoever you give it to, especially if the household has kids. I know I would love to receive homemade baked goodies! Including the ingredients, a cute basket and some kitchen accessories, I don’t think this should cost you more than $15-$20. I wouldn’t dare try the art of baking myself but I think I could put together a lovely basket if someone baked stuff for me. I love the idea of a homey basket. Also check out Ultimate Dessert Guide –  Best Chocolate Desserts for some great recipe ideas!

5.Homemade Scrub

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women
Keeping with the pampered theme, another clever, inexpensive gift to give your friend is a homemade scrub. Since it’s homemade, it will have a personal touch that she’ll love
as well as save you a pretty penny! Make sure to include the recipe, and put your scrub in a cute mason jar with ribbons and bows!

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women


6.Mini Herb Gardens

If you know someone who loves to cook, especially with fresh herbs, here’s a great gift idea for them: mini mixed herb garden-in-a-pail! It’s convenient for women in the city who do not have the option of having a luxurious garden with exotic plants and herbs. All you need is a windowsill and voila! Fresh and fragrant herbs right in your kitchen!