Gift Guide

Totally,we’re feeling the summer vibes this June.Please don’t forget to get too relaxed and forget about finding something special for Dad or your favorite Grads this year. We’ve rounded up 6 gift ideas to make it easy for you to relax and unwind for the rest of summer.


Gift Guide1.Pubs of Are and Glassware

Pubs Of is the perfect way to honor your Dad’s alma mater or your college grads favorite watering holes. Artist Brian McKelvey created a handprinted collection of street scenes from 80 different cities. The originals are pen & ink sketches with a watercolor wash and then he’s used the images on canvases, posters, prints or glassware.Prices range from $10-500.
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Gift Guide2.Colorful New Keurig Coffee Maker

These new brightly colored and perfectly sized Keurig 2.0 K250 coffee makers are the perfect practical but still fun gift for a dorm room, starter apartment or small office. The new bright colors (think – turquoise, orange zest, sandy pearl) will liven up their daily routine a bit, with still the ease of the game changing, one-touch coffee maker. You can brew more than 500 different beverages from 70+ brands (not just coffee!)

3.Mega Flask, Beer Boot and Man Apron from Burlington

While we do frequently recommend staying somewhat practical for your Dads and Grads gift-giving, sometimes you just need something that’s totally fun. We found these Mega Flasks ($13), Massive Beer Boots ($9.99) and Man Aprons ($7.99) at Burlington – cheap and perfectly gifted together or apart. Little over $30 for all three, normally priced at $86.Gift Guide

4.Dyson Heating/Cooling System

Back to practical, but cool…this isn’t your typical fan – it’s a chicly and sleekly designed new heating/cooling system by Dyson and will keep those dorm rooms, new apartments or offices hot or cool depending on what you need. It’s quiet (aka won’t annoy your roommates or colleagues,) can fit under a desk or looks sleek left out. We’re especially into the blue + iron color.
$349.99Gift Guide


Above all,the gift insider is highly curated and the picks are all items we think our readers will love giving as gifts.