Gift Idea For Happy New Year 2016

Gift Idea For Happy New Year 2016

Gift Idea For Happy New Year  2016

I have ordered for some show pieces and artifacts to be given to my uncle’s family as I want to prove a point. Actually, this uncle travels a lot and usually gets some kind of decorative pieces from wherever he goes. And when we visit his place, even before asking our well-being, he exhibits his new collection. This time, it is my turn to astonish him with the lovely swan pair that I have bought for him. But in this section, I found a horse- cart , Buddha statues, candle stand, carnival mask showpiece and many more. The family is sure to appreciate my gesture.


Evergreen gift piece, in my view, is a wall clock. This can be gifted on any and every occasion. And incidentally, this time of the year, Wall Clock is ‘the most important’ of all things. I kept these for my sister’s family only because they feel that Clocks cannot be a good decorative piece on the wall. To prove them wrong, which ultimately they will agree with, I picked a fairy and butterfly wall clock. The idea honestly came after browsing through New Year gifts online portals. I was particularly impressed by Electric guitar Silhouette and antique round clock. When we come across such items, it is difficult to resist. However, I selected this fairy wall clock as this will impress young and old alike.

The tough choice was to choose a gift for my grandparents. What can be an apt gift as they always say that they have everything and don’t need anything more than our company. It is true but I still wanted to buy something for them. Two things struck me; one is lantern or lamp and second indoor plants and flowers. I had to keep in mind that the gift should have low maintenance and useful in some way or the other. They will be surprised to see a lamp talking, yes, I found a Talking Owl wall clock. I had to make a choice between those floral designed, Buddha face and other very attractive ones. But this looked too good.

Well, I am eagerly waiting to give them all these gifts which I had bought exclusively for them. I can proudly give others also New Year gift ideas if they want me to help. I now only have to wrap them up and wait for the clock to strike 12 at midnight on December 31st. I will gift my dear ones with a Happy New Year hug.