Mother’s Day gift ideas for well-dressed mums

mother day gift ideas

Mothers should probably be spoiled every day, our busy life is not always amateur time to appreciate us. That’s why it’s always good for Mother’s Day to make extra effort. March 26 this year, leaving us all the time to plan a perfect day.

So, whether you are going to take a special lady a day or cook at home, you can finish a meaningful gift for mother. We listed 4 ideas will certainly raise a smile that is cherished for some time.

A watch

While smartphones might be the go-to item to check the time, watches are far from obsolete. They still make a fashionable accessory which can help to complete any number of outfits. A particular factor to note when buying a watch as a gift is that people can be very particular in terms of what they like.

To make sure you gift a watch your mum will love we’d recommend taking a look at her current collection, even if she only owns a couple. This should give you a better idea of what kind of watch she’s into in terms of strap and size of face. If she has a preference for leather straps then try matching it up with the colour of her favourite shoes or belt – matching leather on various elements of clothing can really bring a look together.

Made to order shirt

If you’re looking for a present which is a little different then a made to order shirt could be just the answer. Made to order shirts grant you the freedom to customise aspects of the shirt which will help to add a personal touch. You can surprise your mum with the personalised shirt or even get her involved in the customisation process as you both decide on things such as the cuffs, collars and pockets.

The whole process can be completed online which makes ordering a made to order shirt very easy, all you need to know is the relevant shirt size. If you’re planning on ordering the shirt without your mum’s input, then get an idea of what kind of colours she generally wears so you can decide which shirt fabric to go with.

Shawl/scarf scarf hemingwayyyyy

With the British weather being as unpredictable as it is a shawl or scarf can make for the ideal accessory for most of the year. Scarves are relatively easy to choose as there are plenty of neutral shades which are likely to not only please those that have a very specific taste, but also go with a wide variety of looks. If you feel you know your mum’s taste well enough then you can also get one in her favourite colour.

Unlike the other items on our list, a quality scarf will cost a fraction of the price in most cases, but you can rest assured that it’ll be appreciated no less.


While a little predictable, jewellery will always make for a fitting Mother’s Day gift. From rings, to earrings, to necklaces and bracelets, you’ll find yourself with a plethora of options to gift your mum. However, if you’re planning on giving her jewellery then we’d recommend personalising it to really make it stand out.

Chances are she’s accumulated a fair bit of jewellery over the years so you’ll be wanting to find a way of differentiating your gift. Having a heart felt message or even just a name or significant date engraved in to it will see it hold a special place among her collection of jewellery.

So, there you have a few mother’s day gift that are likely to appeal to most mothers. The same ideas can also be applied to those buying a little something for their wives on behalf of your kids. All that’s left now is decide on the gift and get set complete Mother’s Day in style.