Passionflower Olive Oil Spa Basket

Let the soothing qualities of passionflower and olive oil rejuvenate them. A woven basket holds indulgent goodies, including fragrant dusting powder, shea butter soap and much more. They’ll also enjoy a spot of tea and sweet English cookies to complete their spa experience.

  • Passionflower Soap Set of 3 (13 oz.)
  • Passionflower Lip Balm (.35 oz.)
  • Passionflower Body Butter (8 oz.)
  • Passionflower Body Mini Lotion (2 oz.)
  • Passionflower Dusting Powder (4 oz.)
  • Rose and Cherry Tea Bags (.7 oz.)
  • English Tea cookies (6 oz.)
  • Item #30233625