Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts That Require Almost No Effort

Valentine's Day present

Valentine’s Day is a holiday between lovers. In this day and age, we often express our love through gifts.

And the most popular gift is candy – specifically, chocolate.

The American Confectionery Association says up to 40 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold each year.

When it comes to chocolate, caramel-filled will be the most coveted, followed by chocolate nuts. Chocolate, cream chocolate is also very popular.

The heart of conversation is also a long tradition of Valentine’s Day. Necco generates 8 billion hearts a year, the association says it is enough to 24 times from Rome to Valentine’s Day, Arizona and back.

The second most popular gift to February 14 is a greeting card – probably because nobody says “I love you” more.

According to the 145 million year Greeting Card Association, each Valentine’s Day card exchange, which does not include all Valentine’s Day children in school.

Many couples also celebrated seeing a show or going to a restaurant. Yes, even including a Valentine dinner at the White Castle.

The flower is the fourth most beloved gift. Red and pink roses are often the preferred flowers this time of year, but the popularity of tulips will also increase.

And the most popular Valentine’s Day gift in the list is jewelry. This may explain why it is the fourth most popular engagement day on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year Eve.

But a recent British study found that most women would rather offer a holiday on Valentine’s Day than on any other day. Just a tip.