Simple Teacher Gift Idea

Simple Teacher Gift Idea

Today is Meet the Teacher for Lily’s Preschool.

Her teacher is a woman that goes to my church, and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her. She lives just a few streets away so we’ll be able to walk there most days, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Lily is the most excited though. The girl loves learning and socializing and she cannot wait to go to Preschool, because she knows after Preschool is Kindergarten {which is what she is so excited about!}

Yesterday I posted a cute and easy teacher gift idea, and I have another simple teacher gift idea for you today.

This one is even more simple.

’m always trying to think of practical gifts and thought this next one would be good for any teacher. It can be filled with goodies or other red or green school supplies. I had found these cute paper clips at Target and knew these would be perfect. Here is how you can make it too…


– Small Jar (got mine at Walmart for $1.97 – LOVE that it is already an apple shape!)

– Goodies to fill it with (My red and pink paper clips came from Target)

– Vinyl or Sticker

– Silhouette cutter if using vinyl

– Green Paper

– If Teachers Were Apples Tags

– Twine/Ribbon

Simple Teacher Gift Idea

Simple Teacher Gift Idea