Special Gift Idea

Special Gift Idea

To tell the truth,I have a good friend,who is good at choosing gift.Moreover she has written a great gift guide for teenage girls,which I have read and think it is special gift idea from my bottom of heart.Thus currently I can’t wait to share some with you.


1.Super-Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens

Because sometimes you need to be able to get a lot of people in a selfie, y’all.

Special Gift Idea

2.Lipstick-Sized Portable External Battery Charger

I have a feeling you already know this, but teenage girls use their phones a lot. And because they use their phones a lot, they don’t always have a charged phone when they’re out late at night or really need to be able to call someone. So, if it were up to me, I’d give one of these to every single teenage girl I know. And then I’d get one for myself because should I ever find myself in an unforeseen camping situation, I would certainly like to be able to charge my phone.Special Gift Idea

3. Honeycomb Knit Beanie

It used to be that girls wore hats because they were having a bad hair day. Now, however, girls wear cute hats – or in this case, a beanie – like they would any other great accessory. This beanie is super soft, cute, and versatile; it can be practical and stylish at the same time. By the way, one of the saddest parts of my life is that I’ve never been able to pull off wearing a hat of any sort. I am convinced that this is because my head is enormous.

Special Gift Idea

4. OPI Nordic Nail Lacquer in How Great Is Your Dane? and My Voice Is A Little Norse

OPI colors are awesome, and since this polish is only $9.50 a bottle, you can get two for less than $20 (well, really you’ll get three – because Ulta has buy 2, get the 3rd free right now). Most teenage girls love to change / layer / mix it up with their nail color, and with these two (or three!) bottles of polish, you’re giving them all sorts of nail options. Never underestimate the versatility of some OPI glitter polish, my friends.Special Gift Idea

5. Wedding Flowers Custom Journal

This journal is sure to spread some cheer. In addition to being customizable (and there are lots of different designs), it has plenty of room for writing, drawing, or doodling. As an added bonus, the journal lays flat when you open it. What’s not to love?

Special Gift Idea

6.“Hope” print from Naptime Diaries

I don’t think we’ll ever waste an encouraging word on the generation behind us, and a Naptime Diaries print is the perfect way to offer some encouragement all year long. This “hope” print is 8×10, so it would be easy to find an inexpensive frame and create a keepsake that could stay with a girl through high school, move with her to college, and then help furnish her first post-college apartment. The Naptime Diaries shop has a wide variety of prints – many of them scripture – so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Special Gift Idea

7.All Access Glam Gold and Silver Eye and Face Pallette

Listen. If I’d received this make-up pallette as a gift when I was a teenager, I would’ve spent the majority of Christmas day doing my best to replicate Molly Ringwald’s eye shadow in the prom scene of Pretty in Pink (she rocked the smoky eye long before the smoky eye was even a thing). If you know someone who likes to get creative with her make-up – or who enjoys trying different looks – this is a near-perfect gift.Special Gift Idea

8.Tortoise Shell Monogram Acrylic Keychain

You know why a keychain is a great gift for a teenage girl? Because it holds keys. Which are necessary to drive a car. And that whole driving-a-car thing is a mighty big deal when you’re 16. So basically this keychain is a first-class ticket to freedom.

Special Gift Idea

9. CamelBak eddy Water Bottle

I’m a little fascinated by how conscious today’s teenagers are about their water intake. And because they’re so committed to drinking water (or their favorite sports drink, or whatever), they need a couple of really good water bottles to get them through the week – especially considering that they tend to take their water bottles with them wherever they go. This CamelBak bottle is well-insulated, durable, and should fit perfectly in the side of a backpack.

Special Gift Idea

10. Sherpa Holiday Argyle Plush Throw

During the months that end with -er and -ary, most teenage girls are cold. We know this because they envelop themselves in fuzzy sweaters and hold their Starbucks between their hands as if their very lives depend on absorbing the heat from their venti peppermint mochas. That’s why a soft, cuddly throw is a gift that keeps on giving. I happen to love a good holiday throw and have no objection to using it year ’round, but if you’d like something that’s a little more neutral, then this one is a beautiful option.




Special Gift Idea

I hope these gift ideas help! And if you’ve read this whole list and find yourself fighting the urge to listen to Taylor Swift and watch all of Channing Tatum’s movies while you compulsively check your Blake Lively pregnancy tracker app (that’s not really a thing, but it could be), just know that it’s totally normal. Just listen to “Shake It Off” 17 times before you go to bed tonight, and you’ll be good as new tomorrow.