Suggestions For the Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Suggestions For the Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s almost that time again! Sunday, May 11th will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about a token of your appreciation that one day a year dedicated to celebrating the women in our lives who raised us and nurtured us.

Y ou can’t go wrong with a Mother’s Day gift that has these two things in common:

They have sentimental meaning- The whole point of Mother’s Day is to remind our mothers (or motherly figures) that we love them and are thankful for all that they have done for us. Save the really generic gifts for those other Hallmark holidays, Mother’s Day is a day to really give from the heart!
They pamper (even just a little)- Raising kids can be a tough job! Moms don’t always get to focus on themselves, so Mother’s Day is a great time to treat them to a little pampering and relaxation that they wouldn’t normally get to enjoy!

Here’s some suggestions for the     perfect Mother’s Day gift   !

Suggestions For the Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Tanning at Coconuts!The beginning of May is usually when it finally starts getting warmer out and the long, cold winter is finally gone for good! What better way for Mom to get a head start into summer than with a great tanning package from Coconuts! For the month of May we’re offering a month of unlimited tanning in a level 2 bed and 1 bottle of Australian Gold Skin Tight Lotion for only 76.50 (save 15%!)

The Spray Tanning Alternative!Is your mother not a big fan of tanning beds? Spray tanning is a great alternative way to get a little color after a long winter indoors. We at Coconuts put together a special spray tan package that would make a great Mother’s Day gift: one Norvell Sunless Airbrush Tan and one Norvell Mini Maitenance Kit for only 52.70 (save 15%)!

Perfume.Chanel Number 5 is a classic, but any perfume would be a great gift for Mother’s Day! Perfume is one of those little luxuries that some women put off purchasing for themselves, so receiving a bottle as a gift is an extra special surprise! Plus, picking out a fragrance that you think your mother would like shows you put thought into your gift!

Jewelry.Jewelry is one of those classic gifts that women appreciate receiving, even if it’s not something expensive! Remember, Mother’s Day jewelry doesn’t have to have “MOM” engraved on it to be meaningful. Look for something simple that she can wear on an everyday basis, but will still remind her of your love every time she puts it on.

You know what they say, “Home is where the heart is”! A great Mother’s Day gift might be something she can use as a decoration around the house year-round to remind her of your appreciation! Something from a store is always an option, but if you happen to be a little bit crafty, the possibilities are endless! Grab some iron-on transfers and make a pillow like this one above! There’s also always things like picture frames and wall hangings that any mother would love to display in her home.

Homemade Food. Repay your mom for the years of PB&J sandwiches and chicken noodle soup she used to make you by making her favorite food! This is a great option, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot. Show her you care by preparing all her favorite foods, and give her some time to relax while YOU cook for HER for a change!