Top 6 Christmas Gifts Idea For Women

Top 6 Christmas Gifts Idea For Women

Every year before Christmas, I toil for hours over what to get everyone. Finding a great  Christmas gift is especially difficult if the recipient is the opposite gender, which in my case is a male. However, I know this is also true the other way around because my colleagues would often ask me for gift ideas for their girlfriends, wives, moms and sisters.

Top 6 Christmas Gifts Idea For Women

1. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick .


This lipstick would make a great gift because of the beautiful packaging, smooth formula and fruity fragrant. This lipstick is very unique and trust me no girl will ever dislike receiving a YSL lipstick! (I would suggest purchasing this at Sephora so your recipient can easily exchange for a different color)

  2.  S’well Water Bottle .


The S’well bottle is very sleek and is able to keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. This bottle really works and is amazing! The water bottle does not condensate outside when it has cold water, so it is perfect for girls to throw the bottle into their bags! Although it is pricey for a water bottle, this will be a fantastic gift that will be put into good use! (You can purchase S’well bottles from the Container Store, which sometimes offer 10 – 20% discounts)

3.  David’s Tea Chest.


The tea chest comes with 8 varieties of loose-leaf teas and makes a great, healthy gift! If your recipient is a tea lover or drinks coffee often for caffeine then this tea gift set would make a great gift!

Top 6 Christmas Gifts Idea For Women

4. Glamglow Thirstymud Treatment Set .


Glamglow’s hydrating mask is a skincare essential for the winter! This treatment set includes the full size Thirstymud mask that delivers visible hydration to your skin and a smaller Supermud mask which helps purify the skin. If your recipient is into skincare, she will absolutely love this set!

5.  Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen .


If your recipient loves arts and crafts then she will love this gift. The stereoscopic pen allows you to create all sorts of incredible 3D drawing! 3D pens are fun for everyone to try but are especially great for creative souls!

6.  Fujifilm Instant Film Camera .


Even though Instragram might be taking over the whole, it doesn’t replace the gratification of taking a picture and instantly getting a physical copy! If your recipient loves to take pictures then this mini polaroid will make a fantastic gift!