Unique Christmas gifts:most delicious dessert for her


Preparing for Christmas is far more than buying gifts. Of course, the gift is bad for a whole month of celebration is really making this season so happy. In December, it is time to kick your shopping, decorating, and baking jobs into the fast lane. Allow yourself to light up a forest or seasonal aromatherapy candle. The scent of the season is sure to inspire your creativity, and you are sure of the idea of these Christmas parties. Do not forget to take the time to make sure your holiday menu is one or two weeks ago, and many make-ahead recipes can help you relax and enjoy the party just like your guests. Do not worry, we have enough ideas for gifts.

Raspberry-Almond Linzer Cookies


Bakery descent cake in Linz, Austria Linz biscuit is a holiday favorite. Raspberry-almond would be a tribute to the classic biscuits, although roasting desserts takes many steps and the end result is definitely worth the job (wait). You will make a shortbread-like dough, half of which you will cut into biscuits, and half to receive internal circuit breakers. After drying, you will connect two parts to the top of the raspberry jam and the dusty fine sugar. The finished sandwich is as delicious as the gorgeous.

Gingersnap Baked Alaska Pie


This impressive twist on a traditional Baked Alaska is sure to satisfy all your holiday guests—the cookie lovers, the pie fanatics, and the ice cream die-hards, too. We’re suckers for coffee ice cream (and it pairs wonderfully with the warm spices in the gingersnaps), but feel free to use any flavor you please. In the summer, try a graham cracker crust and chocolate ice cream for a tasty take on s’mores. The key to success here is creating a stiff meringue, so be sure to pay attention to the indicators in the recipe. To test whether you’ve achieved stiff peaks, remove the whisk attachment from the mixer and hold it upright. The meringue should hold its peak and not droop down the sides.