Unique DIY gift

Unique DIY gift

DIY gift is an Unique artwork and impression gift. Lots of people try to make a surprise but sometimes they are worried about how to make it. Obviously, DIY gift is a best gift. Because DIY gift can impress others. So if you understand the people who you will send ,you can make a good gift. We provide some unique DIY gift for you, choose a gift and make it for your friends, lover or family.

 Funny Bookmarks
These custom photo bookmarks would be perfect for the grandparents! And just think of how much fun the photo shoot would be? This tutorial also comes with instructions on how to make the colorful tassels.Unique DIY gift

DIY Bath Bombs
Had I known you can make these in a mini-muffin pan, I would have made them a long, long time ago! I take more baths than showers these days. If you like working in the kitchen, this might be the perfect gift idea for you. Once they’re finished, package them up in mason jars with a pretty ribbon.
Unique DIY gift
Candy Bouquet
A bouquet of candy is the perfect gift for someone who is hard to shop for! Who doesn’t love candy, right? I like this idea for a teenager, or perhaps for dad on Father’s Day.Unique DIY gift

Custom Stepping Stone
A custom stepping stone (could even do something a little more simple by carving initials or doing handprints) would make for a nice house warming gift. The grandparents would love this, too!Unique DIY gift

Gift In A Jar
You could do this for just about any occasion — a new mommy jar, a get well jar, a spa pampering jar, or anything else you can think up! Classy Clutter has quite a few good ideas and free printable labelsUnique DIY gift

Pull-Out Photo Album
A great alternative to your traditional photo album! You can buy those little wooden boxes online, but they are also available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby. The rest is made with card stock and photos. I would call it a “memory box”. This might be a nice Anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift.Unique DIY gift