What is the Amazaoing Gifts for Men? The Heavy Power List Top 15

We all know what is the best gift for women, but for men, it’s hard to find the perfect one. This guide to the best gifts for men can help you find a great gift for a man you care about. Rest assured, we’ve also included some unusual and creative gifts for those “hard to shop for” guys. Read on to see these amazing gifts for men, spanning a wide range of interests and price points.

1. Vintage Baseball Stadium Seat Silver Cufflinks

These cool cufflinks are made from the old seats ripped out from famous baseball stadiums. Officially licensed by the MLB and mounted in sterling silver, these are the perfect gift for any baseball fan. Options include cufflinks made from the seats from Fenway, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, and many other iconic ballparks. Looking for another gift for sports fans? Check out the whole lineup of Tokens & Icons merch here, which includes cool gifts made from pucks, balls, used helmets, and more.

Price: $180

2. Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure



Vegetarians aside, most guys love bacon. This DIY bacon kit gives a man everything he needs to make his own bacon at home. It’s made from an authentic Western recipe, so he can channel his inner cowboy. It can be used to make American-style bacon, Canadian bacon, or even used in the production of sausage. DIY bacon allows you to customize the flavor profile, as well as the thickness of the cut.

If he’s not into curing his own meats, you can pick up some bacon jerky instead. He might also be interested in the colossal bacon sampler from Burger’s Smokehouse. You should also check out our guide to the best gifts for foodies for even more gift ideas for guys who love to eat.

Price: $11.95

3. Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones with Integrated Audiophile Amplifier


Shopping for a guy who loves music? These audiophile headphones will help him to appreciate the highs and lows of all his favorite albums. These headphones are a great gift because they sound great, look cool, and feel comfortable on your ears.

Price: $349.99

4. DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

Every guy needs a reliable, dependable drill. This drill/driver kit from DEWALT is a great option for the average handyman. It’s got a compact design, which makes it ideal for screwing in tight spaces. It’s also lightweight, clocking in at just over five pounds. This weight is nice for those DIY projects where you’ll need to use the drill for a long period of time.

Price: $99 (48 percent off MSRP)

5. Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker


Does he love to work out? A fitness tracker is a great gift, especially if his current tracker is old and outdated. GPS-enabled fitness trackers are ideal for both cyclists and distance runners. Because GPS can pinpoint your location, you can expect very accurate fitness data. The Fitbit Surge has GPS, which is still something of a rarity in the fitness tracker world. In addition to GPS, the Surge also monitors your heart rate, tells the time, and gives you call and text notifications.

If you’re interested in other fitness trackers with GPS, you could also consider the newer Fitbit Blaze, which offers connected GPS and a more colorful display. Another option to consider is the Polar M400 GPS sports watch. Any of these trackers would be a great gift for any guy who is training hard for a triathlon or marathon, or for any guy who wants to lose weight.

Price: $249.95

6. Kikkerland Portable BBQ Suitcase


Did you know that there was such a thing as a BBQ suitcase? Because there is, and it’s awesome. This portable grill is great for the guy who is the life of the party, and always brings the party with him wherever he goes. This is perfect for guys who like to grill while camping, or men who enjoy low-key tailgating.

Need more kitchen-related gift ideas? Check out our new post on the best portable dishwashers, or read up on the best toaster ovens.

Price: $69.22

7. Pyle PWPBT60 Sound Box Splash Bluetooth Rugged Splash-Proof Marine Grade Portable Wireless Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great accessory for any guy who loves chilling on a boat or relaxing by the pool. This splash-proof speaker is rated at IPX4, and boasts six hours of battery life. The metal loop on the side of the speaker provides you with a way to secure it to a table, fence, or boat.

Price: $39.99 and up, depending on color selected (Up to 73 percent off MSRP)

8. The Steve McQueen Collection on Blu-Ray

Is there any movie star in history that is cooler than Steve McQueen? This collection includes four great Steve McQueen movies: The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Sand Pebbles. For any guy who loves classic action films, this is a no-brainer. If Steve McQueen isn’t his favorite, check out this week’s deals on Blu-ray sets.

Price: $24.94 (50 percent off MSRP)


9. Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit


For the guy who loves star-gazing, we definitely recommend picking up a telescope. The Orion 10034 GoScope II kit is designed specifically for amateurs who are interested in observing the surface of the moon. In addition to being used after dark, you can also use it during the day to observe birds or natural wonders. This affordable kit is perfect for amateurs who are just starting out, though more experienced home astronomers may want to seek out a higher-octane telescope, such as the Celestron CPC 1100 StarBright XLT GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain 2800mm Telescope. For most homes, however, the Orion 10034 GoScope II is a solid choice.

Price: $89.99

10. Final Touch Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

If you’ve never made a watermelon “keg”, then you are missing out. Just cut an opening in the melon, add your favorite vodka, and put the tap in place. Presto! Your whole watermelon is now the perfect party keg. For guys who love entertaining, this is a thoughtful gift. In the fall, you can also use the tapping kit to tap a pumpkin, gourd, or any other seasonal produce.

Want to give him a trio of gifts to celebrate a birthday or a housewarming? Consider paring the watermelon tap with a special watermelon knife and some watermelon tumblers.

Price: $19.98